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Jay Stewart – Enjoy The Ride

When a judge takes off his robe, one expects that he spends his spare time to visit legal seminars or doing other academic work. In the special case of Georgia Superior Court Judge Jay Stewart we experience a little sensation. Jay has realized his long cherished childhood dream and released his debut album Enjoy The Ride.

Produced by Grammy winning composer, producer and keyboardist Jason Miles this album features performances by session greats bassist Neil Jason, drummer Brian Dunne as well as renowned jazz artists saxophonist David Mann, trumpeters Barry Danielian and Cindy Bradley.

“I can’t say that my music and being in the realm of law are completely separate worlds,” Stewart says. “I am a musician and I cannot turn it on and off. Now that I’ve completed my first project, I want to continue to work with great players and make music that moves people. I want to make music that offers some relief to people. I want to play venues where people can get excited about these songs and I can invite them to chill out, let loose and Enjoy The Ride.”

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