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Michael Scherer – Joyful Harmony

Beginning his musical training at the age of five, Michael Scherer quickly advanced as a classical pianist and matured into a jazz pianist and trombonist during his teen years. He received great accolades with his smooth jazz album Exceeding Expectations, with all of his own material. Consisting of a fresh new sound blending dynamic funk-driven melodies with soothing jazz grooves, Exceeding Expectations combines his previous performance experience and production skills.

Scherer has arranged music for many artists on major record labels including The Christmas To Remember (EMI) and Adrian B King’s You’re Awesome! (Sony BMG). He is also the Director of the Fine Arts Program through Reasonable Service in Decatur, Illinois, and teaches private piano and trombone lessons locally.

With his music experiences ranging from his jazz training in the renowned MacArthur High School Jazz program to his tour days with the Half Note Trio and even his film scoring affair, Scherer is sure to delight listeners with his unique funk-infused twist on smooth jazz.

With his newest album Joyful Harmony he fuses together the best elements of smooth jazz, funk and rock, and puts a fresh spin on old time favorite Christmas songs by spotlighting world-class musicians on piano, guitar, sax, and vibraphone. The album is available at CDBaby.