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Dave Stephens – Days Like These

In the summer of 2011 after writing and recording two singles with the Band CON MOTO (also available on CD Baby etc) guitarist Dave Stephens set about writing and recording a collection of new tunes with the idea of releasing an album in the autumn/winter. During the summer he released a single called “London Town” as a celebration of the spirit of goodwill for those people of London who got together to re-build the parts of the city, that where so badly damaged by the summer riots.

All of the time composing and arranging, and recording – when he felt he had enough compositions he sat back and listened to what he had, and to see if what he had produced would make a reasonable album. The result was an overwhelming ‘yes’!!!

And now as we go to print, the first promo copies have gone out to radio stations and DJ’s…and the feedback already is amazing!! “It is probably the best solo statement I have ever made!” says Stephens, “I am very proud of the compositions and arrangements – as for the guitar playing, I just play what I play and it is for the listener to decide if he or she, likes the way I play”. I know for a fact that harmonically there are some sophisticated chord changes going on there, which I am very,very pleased with – and I can definitely hear some of my prime influences coming through, such as Lee Ritenour and Pat Metheny, but hopefully I still sound like me!!”

Now you have the opportunity to get Days Like These on your turntable fresh from CDBaby.