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Paul Smail – Moon Under Clouds

Paul Smail comments: “We have recorded 2 albums over the last 2 years including ‘Red Boats and Blue Skies’ a recording of guitar and piano featuring an interactive musical debate between the 2 instruments and with far ranging musical influences and improvisations. The last album was a more rhythmic collaboration which epitomises a new rhythmic and world music direction in our musical direction. This is the ‘Smail and Stephens Project’ (2010). I have also begun to play the piano accordion and melodica on recent recordings and these instruments feature in our live sessions.

My musical influences are the usual diverse range of musicians. composers and genres from different countries and time periods eg JS Bach, Didier Squiban, Bob James, Ojos de Brujo, Al Di Meola, Santana, Jeff Lorber, Piazzola, -the list increases daily !

The duo, with Dave’s enthusiasm for the guitar and our project has inspired me to write and improvise/experiment both in the studio and in live work. We have however added a wonderful percussionist recently, Colin Rowlands, which has provided a more rhythmic basis to our music and I think made it more accessible to a wider audience.
My latest single -Lighthouse 2011, is really a tribute to one of my heroes, Mr Bob James.”

His new album is entitled Moon Under Clouds and we found the album at CDBaby.