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Michael Strautman – The Key of Me

Michael Strautman was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, July 1977, to a musical family. He began learning the piano at the age of six; frustrating his teacher with his constant improvisation. By 1988 at the age of eleven, his family had moved south to Bowling Green, KY. Hearing his Dad’s LP Double Vision by Bob James and David Sanborn, he clearly remembers the insatiable desire to “play it as well as that” and so his parents saw to it that he had his first saxophone. By his sophomore year in high school there was no doubt that he wanted to be a full-time musician.

Michael can be heard on recordings such as: The Key of Me (2011 Michael Strautman, Solo Album), My Holiday (2005 Darla Day), Far (2004 Hillvue Heights), The Rose Came With Thorns (2004 Hillvue Heights), Waka Waka (2003 Capetown), Christmas Like Never Before (2000 Tucats) and Eclectic Savvy (2000 Jane Pearl). Michael currently is a member of Skip Bond and the Fugitives and The Tyrone Dunn Experiment in Bowling Green, KY.

The Key of Me is now on sale at CDBaby.