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Craig T. Cooper – Nasty Man

My first contact to Craig T. Cooper‘s music was his song Coast to Coast from his album Got That Thang (1990). One of my top-five songs of a huge smooth jazz collection. Infected by his music I became an avid collector of his compositions on his albums Craig T. Copper Project (1989), Darkm’n (1993), Touch Tone (1995), A Romantic Letter (1996), Caught Up In A Moment (1999), Hour Glas (2006) and his side project with Denise Stewart Decide On Me (2001). She took part in his musical success as the female singer on many of his albums.

As a sideman he worked with a legion of musicians. I recommend to read the credits on his website. After a long hiatus Craig is back with a new album entitled Nasty Man (2011). The album is a ballanced piece of music with some covers but much more self-composed and arranged songs.

Craig got some support by musicians like Jaman Laws (tenor sax), the son of legendary saxophonist Ronnie Laws, Deborah Rivers and Denise Stewart (background vocals), veteran bassist Sekou Bunch, who played with the who-is-who of pop and jazz, world-class drummer Ndugu Chancler, “the virtuous man” Kevin Toney on piano and organ, Mr. “Basic Instinct” Del Atkins on upright bass, percussion player Victor Orlando (GAP Band, Billy Preston, Chaka Khan) and rap singer Bojangles.

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