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Vandell Andrew – Years Later …

Hailing from the “birth place of jazz”, Vandell Andrew was immediately infected by the jazz virus. With the saxophone as chosen instrument he joined after the first lessons the infamous St.Augustine “Marching 100” band. Hurricane Katrina forced him to move to Dallas, Texas. Sharing stage with local musicians he had the opportunity to perform with Kirk Whalum and Tom Braxton.

Now it’s time for his solo career and how could it be better started than with a debut album. So I proudly present you Vandell’s first album entitled Years Later … (2011). He has written the tracks over the past five years. You’ll find much of his life experience in these tunes.

In early August 2005, Katrina was just a name. After the hurricane devastated the Gulf Coast many people lost their home like Vandrell Andrew, who describes this situation in his song After The Storm. Could This Be is the raising question featured by Vandell’s soprano sax.

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