Andrew Godwin – Back to the Roots

Gospel Jazz Saxophonist AndyG a.k.a ” Lightning G” presents his long awaited Début Album Back to the Roots, an incredible Musical cross-over that incorporates the chordal spontaneity of Jazz and the rhythmic influences of African-Caribbean beats embedded in soulful expressions. It starts with an African folk Gospel arrangement, soulful and bluesy wailing soprano and then eases into an alto and soprano saxophone solos complete with a cool ambience. AndyG keeps the mood upbeat and colourful with bits of calypso, R&B and the other musical approaches thereby demonstrating his ability to adapt to any musical style whilst remaining true to his roots.

The album also features guest appearances from the trumpet master Jeff Elliot, an ensemble of top class artists like Dee Jones (keyboards and bass), Hans Zermuehlen (piano, keyboard and base) and Mike Parlett (guitar, Baritone and Alto Sax) who bring their own synergy to the music. Back to the Roots has established AndyG as one of the pioneers of the Gospel Jazz genre today with the ability to break down musical barriers.

Back to the Roots is an interesting alternative at CDBaby.

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