Ken Ford – State of Mind

Electric. A word that describes not only Ken Ford’s violin but aptly describes the man himself, with electrifying and deeply physical live performances that have audiences up on their feet and into the aisles, feeling the music as much as he does, jumping and dancing around on stage.

Far from being any quiet instrument, Ken’s infectious energy takes the violin center stage with amazing artistry and creativity, rocking out on the violin with a passion and fervor that rivals the biggest and baddest guitar solos. Now signed on independent label Twelve Music Group as the first artist and album release on the label, Ken brings his celebrated live playing to audiences everywhere with the forthcoming release of his latest album, State of Mind.

A wonder to behold on stage, Ken’s evocative playing and passion for strings on the electric violin have enthralled fans of all ages, as well as peers from diverse genres, from jazz to blues, R&B to hip-hop and more. With a soul-stirring style that highlights all the voices of the violin, from sensuous and genteel to dramatic and muscular, Ken’s talents have brought him on stage and into the recording studio with a range of superstar artists including Bruno Mars, Jill Scott, Wyclef Jean, Chaka Khan, Ledisi, Brian Culbertson, the late Barry White, Cee-Lo Green, Erykah Badu and more. Promising to take fans to a whole other level on this fourth album with a new edge and energy, Ken plants the seed for any music lover to discover violin on a whole new journey with him on State of Mind.

The Atlanta-based artist and producer says of this new record, “People want to hear what they get when they come to my shows,” taking listeners on a roller-coaster ride throughout State of Mind, doing things on the violin that he did not do before, recording songs that embody sexy, electrifying allure flavored with Ken’s compelling twists on R&B, hip-hop and jazz. From the sweet and later fervent opening strains on the first single (and first track) “Guttaville” to the familiar, driving hip-hop melody on the fifth track “State of Mind” with Ken’s urgent, feverish playing transporting listeners into another state, Ken declares, “each song gives you a ride”.


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