Jody Mayfield – Soul Sanctuary

Over the past several years, Jazz has been going through a transformation and re-birth. Music fans are becoming interested in this transformation because of the musical innovations of the new artists in the genre. Mayfield is not only capturing a lot of attention; he is leading the change. Presenting what he defines as “Street Jazz,” Jody Mayfield combines the musical and songwriting inspirations of a vast array of styles.

With influences ranging from ‘Duke Ellington’ to ‘George Duke”, Jody Mayfield has created his own unequaled blend of Jazz. This Jazz can best be described as walking a fine line between R&B and Jazz. Like Quincy Jones, Jody Mayfield has the brought together highly talented artists from different genres of music and has fit them together in a musical mosaic of sonic delight. When asked the question: Is Jazz dead? Jody replies, “no, she very much awake and is heard everyday on radio stations across the world. She just shows up as Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop, Rock, Country, etc.” Mayfield believes that all American music is Jazz.

The different genres we have are just “babies” Momma Jazz has birthed. Hence, “Jazz and all her babies”. Whether it’s Hip-Hop, R&B, Rock or even Country, it’s all jazz according to Mayfield. This album ranges from the jazz funky sound of “Step Back In It”, to the Neo-Soul sound of “Just One Look” to the romantic old school sound of “Forever With You”. There is something on this album for everybody.

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