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Reggie Young – The Foundation

On this CD you’ll get 2 CDs in one. 18 tracks from Reggie Young‘s earlier two CD projects (Among Friends & From Within The Realm). This CD represents smooth jazz at it’s best. These songs are timeless and reflect amazing fresh talent performed in a instrumental array of showmanship to hear again and again.

“This project represents years of learning, listening and patience. I love playing for people and producing records. But there comes a time when you have to stop in order to go. I want to be a better dad, a better producer, a better musician and share my experiences with the world. I mean isn’t that how we grow in life. I believe if you have something nice to share … share it. I was always the man behind the bass, behind the music, behind my schedule, behind my goals but people always managed to notice I have a lot more to say. So it was time to step up and get in front of my goals and dreams. But, you have to play your part when you’re in a supporting role. Not like you can’t speak, you just gotta know when to. Now, I feel like I’m getting a grasp on where I need to be with everything.” Explains Reggie.

The Foundation is now on sale at CDBaby.