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Patrick Cooper – The Way It Used To Be

Keyboardist Patrick Cooper is known by his songs he composed for Marcus Johnson (Just Doing What I Do) and Jaared (Let It Happen). With his Portland, Oregon based band N-Touch he performed gigs around that area before he re-located to Washington, DC. He started his solo career with the album That Day (2007) showcasing sophisticated entertainment at its best. This album was re-issued in the following year as Vibin after adding two new tracks.

Patrick now returns with his sophomore album The Way It Used To Be (2011). Like on his previous album he is joined by fellow musicians David Dyson (bass), Phillip “Doc” Martin (sax), Robert “WaWa” LeGrand (guitar), Tony Hemming (synth programming), and further artists Tommy Tordson (bass), Jay Williams (drums), Stanley Cooper (guitar), to name a few.

In view of the fact that the rate of sale in music industry is constantly tumbling down, the question arises, if one should still invest much money in the recording of an album. It’s less a question of economic reason, than the impetus to satisfy the audience, which motivated Patrick Cooper however to his second effort.

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