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Eugene K – Magenta Green

Eugene K is a UK based musician. He was born in Russia into a musical family and from a very early age was surrounded by music. At the age of 12 he started seriously studying music and playing guitar under the influence of his father, who was also a musician.

His musical career started in a school band, playing pop and rock music. In parallel with many hours of rehearsing with the band he studied music theory and classical guitar. With a view to advance as a musician, Eugene undertook a four-year course at the Moscow College of Music. During this time he studied other musical instruments and music subjects, composing and arranging music for various orchestras and bands.

After years of studying and analyzing music, he developed his own method of teaching, and remained at the college as a teacher of Jazz Improvisation.Since living in the UK he has toured with the band, and as a solo artist. He has lectured and performed at The Royal Academy of Music, BBC radio presented a special program about Eugene and his musical career.

Eugene also composes and produces original compositions for films, commercials, TV and radio programs. Amongst his clients are well-known film/TV production companies such as Universal, NBC¸ Fox, CBS, Walt Disney, Warner Bros., etc.
Magenta Green is his new album now on sale at CDBaby.