Gìo Lombardi – Scripta Manent

In this debut album “Scripta Manent” Gìo is taking the listener to a musical journey through out the continents. As a summary of his extensive international experiences and as his modern vision of a musical style with “no-barriers” would suggest Gìo’s Guitar is the perfect company for the open-minded music lover. A quote form an interview given to the European press will probably describe in Gìo’s own words what to aspect in his debut record:

“I was about Ten when I felt in love with Music, a Guitar was available at home and the love story that has changed my life was started. This incredible journey has brought me around the world, has given me the chance to meet, play and interact with many talented artists across the continents and has enriched me with an incredible life experience that made me understand what really identifies the essence of a person, the “SOUL”

….and the “SOUL” factor shall definitely be the common element throughout the entire record. Starting with the Acid-Jazz Funky influences of “And on this Light note” to the Brazilian touch of the more sentimental ‘Mio Amor” to the rock edge of “Squartazz” your musical panorama will be unmistakably spiced. If you are a guitar lover and a Smooth Jazz “WITH AN EDGE” enthusiast you’ll be delight by the virtuoso-tasteful soloing present in this record without loosing a strong sense of the melody. Imagine a crossover between Geroge Benson, Larry Carlton and Santana “with a Flamenco twist”, then add a touch of modern fusion, blend the whole thing together and what you’ll get is a style of music that will get you going:-) The band present on this record is a unit deserving international recognition since most of them have experienced world tours with Major acts and “will do” the rest by delighting your ears with some “high-energy-funk” rhythm section plus a delicious “Saxophone work” present on “Something like love” dueling with Gìo’s guitar in a ending musical climax.

Scripta Manent is just arrived at CDBaby.

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