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Nefer Ra – The Next Place

The Next PlaceNefer Ra began playing music at a very early age. As the youngest sister to four brothers, Nefer Ra grew up climbing trees, repairing bicycles and the like. When her brothers began playing music, Nefer Ra had to follow suit. She developed an interest in the bass guitar and started learning songs. The first song learned was “Peter Gun”. The entire selection was played using only her two thumbs. Her father gave her a quarter each time she played the selection for family friends. Nefer Ra began playing the violin and flute in elementary school. Later, her father purchased a tenor saxophone for 25 dollars, had it repaired, and gave it to Nefer Ra to learn to play.

In her latter school years, and at the request of her junior and high school music instructors, Nefer-Ra began playing different instruments. A flutist at the time, she was given a baritone saxophone and asked to learn the part. As a result of her learning the part in a very timely manner, whenever a composition required an instrument no one played, Nefer-Ra became the girl. By the time she from graduated high school, Nefer Ra had played every woodwind with the exception of Eb clarinet and alto saxophone, (those players were always plentiful). Nefer Ra also played the marimbas, timpani and the bass guitar.

It has always been Nefer Ra’s heartfelt desire to create a cd and play most if not all of the instruments. After months of determination, diligence and a tenacious musical drive, Nefer has made this happen; The cd “The Next Place” was created. She is featured on all selections. A friend and musical prodigy, Greg “Termite” Rich, is playing keyboards on two selections.

Nefer Ra is an animal lover and has loved animals from a very early age. She has always had a pet or more and cares about them to the degree that, on occasion, she drives around with pet food in her car to feed stray cats when she encounters them. To further assist with feeding and caring for our little furry friends, a portion of cd’s sold will be donated to ASPCA.

The Next Place is smooth, sexy and sensual music to heighten, brighten and delight your senses. We have detected this album at CDBaby.