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Gail Jhonson – Herstory

Herstory, is the fourth CD from Gail Jhonson, the First Lady of Smooth Jazz. She says, …”My story begins with her story…this is dedicated to you Mom!’

The music blends jazz, R&B and soul. It kicks off with Make It Happen, an uptempo, funky live trio. Electric Lady reveals her synthesizer work on the keytar , a treat for fusion fans. Crusin‘ After Dark , a summertime jam with guest trumpeter Lin Rountree. Still Care About Me, if you ever been in love, you’ll understand this passionate vocal feature by Ms Jhonson. The journey continues with a tribute to her son Aaron aka Vein, with a smooth midtempo bass performance from Dwayne “Smitty” Smith and sweet vocals by daughter Tamina on Dear Aaron. The title cut , HerStory, produced by Chuck Jefferson pumps your heart & makes you understand that this lady has something for you to feel. After that ballad whoo’s you, jump back into swing with saxophonist Tom Braxton on Do Something Else, whose partial proceeds benefit The Do Foundation.

This One, great smooth jazz top tappin’ listen, nice duet with Lin Rountree. For You Mom, the soul searching solo piano piece dedicated to the lady that was a loving inspiration to her daughter, so she could someday tell her story…in music. American Boy features the feminine side of jazz with Jazz In P!nk, a lively rendition of the hit single. The bonus track Dee‘s Dance, named for her mother is reminiscent of early contemporary jazz and her Philly musical roots.

Jhonson invites you to experience a musical journey of a woman who brings you smooth jazz with a feminine touch. This precious album is arrived at CDBaby.