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Antonio Gómez – Aires de Mar

In his project Aires de Mar, Spanish guitar player and composer Antonio Gómez is proposing us a musical journey through jazz and funky, filtered through his inspiration in the Mediterranean landscape of Almeria and the echo of popular tunes.

Antonio Gomez gets back to those early compositions with which he participated in several editions of the International Jazz Festival of Almería in the early 90′s. He has recently worked with different universities and in several occasions brought his music to the forefront of European stages such as Café Central in Madrid.
The result of this work is a music that describes the landscape in Almeria, melodies of huge entity and deep rhythmical character, and strong doses of improvisation.

There of course winks to other familiar melodies and a good sense of humor are always present. Musicians of the stature of Jorge Pardo (Paco de Lucia Group, Chick Corea & Touchstone), Tomas San Miguel, Carlos Carli, Victor Merlo, Pancho Brañas, Joan Masana, Daniel Piedra, Manolo Artero, Santi Ibarretxe and Arecio Smith have collaborated in this CD.

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