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Andy Snitzer – Traveler

Though he was active, saxophonist Andy Snitzer had not fronted an all-new studio recording in almost 12 years. He gets back into the groove with Traveler (Native Language, 2011). A mix of soft, pop-jazz and electronica, the set celebrates his travels abroad.

“Marseille” is a tranquil piece that features Snitzer on the tenor, David Mann on flutes and Chuck Loeb on guitar. The ethereal mood is accented by the synths, performed by Mann, Snitzer and pianist Alain Mallet.

“Lausanne” captures the element of getting around. Its lively groove creates a vision of exploring nightlife or simply cruising, taking in the sights. Bassist James Genus and drummer Karl Latham help set the tone. Mallet adds some nice piano fills and kicks in a delightful, yet brief solo.

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