Abel Baez – Good Times

Born in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico, grown up in the town of Ceiba in the area east of the island. Influenced by music because his  father is a musician. He taught him from seven years to play the guitar.

After several years the opportunity arose to work with the Morning Express Group, a group of Puerto Rican Nueva Trova dedicated to the holiday season. An incredible experience of traveling across the island from churches to shopping malls where they went to cheer up people with their music. Also with the opportunity to record the saxophones in the production was born.

Some time ago he moved to Maryland, where he works in the field of music. Some time ago he was part of the working staff of the Institute of Washington DC as master of Sax. Then he became the academic coordinator of the IC where he was playing until December of 2010 after nearly four years. At this moment he released the new record called Good Times.

The album just arrived at CDBaby.

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