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Magnolia Memoir – Magnolia Memoir

Magnolia Memoir invites you to a sacred but gritty joint-Imagine an old speakeasy at 3am where Billie Holiday whispers in Tom Waits’ ear. Ties get loosened and the party begins…

Their self-titled debut album has already been labeled, “…an instant classic” by fans like Grant-Lee Phillips, Margaret Cho, and Mark Flanagan, owner of Largo-Los Angeles. Currently recording their second album, the young ensemble is led by singer/composer, Mela Lee, with music direction by vibe/keyboard player Alexander Burke, an anchor of Bass by Gordon Bash, Aron Forbes on guitar, and Matt Lucich on Drums.

Sweet, sexy, nuanced, and smart -with a healthy dash of irreverence – find out what critics and audiences have been raving about.

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