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Fowler & Branca – If Wishes Were Horses, Beggars Would Ride

Bob Fowler and Steve Branca began composing for the POP / R&B market and surprisingly had a couple of their songs revamped as instrumentals and included on JAZZ albums of other artists. That set them on a new path and eventually the independent label SilverWave Records in Boulder, Colorado signed them for a multi-album contract. They recorded three CDs with SWR over a five-year period, all of which are distributed internationally in retail stores, on-line and through commercial music libraries.

Together they write and produce all of their original music at SSR Recording in Smithville, NJ, which Bob owns and operates. Bob and Steve play most of the parts on their tracks, but are aided by extremely talented musician friends. Bob Fowler plays fretted and fretless bass, guitar, keyboards and drum programming, and is the recording engineer behind the F&B sound. Steve Branca plays electric, acoustic, and nylon guitars, mandolin, and keyboards, and is the graphic designer of their CD packaging and website:

Fowler and Branca’s new CD, If Wishes Were Horses, Beggars Would Ride, is their best effort to date and marks a new beginning for the duo after a long writing hiatus. This album is the ultimate representation of their diverse musical style. If Wishes… features more up-tempo tracks and edgier sounds than previous albums. It’s the most experimental, yet most universally appealing of their CDs. A few new instruments have been incorporated to their trademark sound. Steve picked up the mandolin – an instrument that lends itself to more than typical country music applications. Bob’s bass is featured on more melodies and he’s soloing more on fretted and fretless. Bob also plays nylon guitar on a few tracks.

This highly recommendable album is on sale at CDBaby.