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Bobi Serafimovski – No Borders

No BordersComposer – Arranger – Music Performer – Producer and Professional musician Bobi Serafimovski comes from South-Eastern Europe from Macedonia, a country in the Balkans. He formed his first band when he was 14 years old, and from there he went on to many bands with his guitar. He began to compose his own songs at the age of 19 and issued his first single that was quite a success.

Within these last few years Bobi as an author has been requested by several renowned music names across Europe. A special challenge for Bobi Serafimovski is Instrumental music, i.e. film music soundtracks. His great talent, knowledge and experience supported by the vast knowledge of playing several instruments, has characterized Bobi as a highly skilled film music composer. Bobi has been experimenting with traditional music, has discovered jazz and his film music themes are about to shine as the basis for future projects throughout the world.

His album No Borders offers a  taste of European elegance with pleasing and contemporary jazz and new age sounds. The album is now on sale at CDBaby.