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Joyce Cooling – Cameo

Catch a glimpse of how it all began! Cameo is Joyce and Jay’s very first released recording, featuring the sounds from their Brazilian Jazz days.

“It was the old days – 1988 to be exact”, says Joyce Cooling, “and we just went in as a band and recorded. When we came out of the studio, which was basically a basement with an 8-track recorder, we had a record. Because we all had thousands of hours playing together live, it just worked. Pure and simple.”

It seems as though everyone else agreed. After hearing Cameo the Gavin Report raved, “We’re knocked out”, and all of the Bay Area Jazz/Adult stations and The Wave in Los Angeles unanimously added multiple tracks. Cameo and the follow up live performances received more “knockout” reviews from the San Francisco Chronicle, the Los Angeles Times, and the Oakland Tribune to name a few. With help from their then bandmates, Claudio Amaral, Rubens Moura, Helio Garcia plus other special guests, Cameo captures the feel and swing of Brazil mixed with pop and jazz. Written, produced and arranged by Cooling and Wagner, Cameo provides a real look at, well, how it all began!

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