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Bryant Thompson – Puzzle Pieces

Born in Jersey City, NJ, Bryant Thompson has chosen since several years the Atlanta area as his working field. He is President of SFC Records: a production and recording company in the Atlanta region. Here he is supporting many musicians with his skills as musician, producer and engineer. Maurice Rogers, Kurt Carr, Darrell Freeman, Paulis Sanchez, Ron James, Candi Staton and Jeremy Haynes are among the artists Bryant has worked with.

It’s only natural that his greatest wish was to record his own album. Finally he presents this year his debut Puzzle Pieces, a fine collection of jazz art. The first piece of Bryant’s puzzle is entitled after the luxury clock Movado. Prosperous fragments of melodies embedded into a precise rhythm scheme featuring Joe Grandsen on trumpet and Dan Baraszu on guitar. Dan and his group Planet Zu have just released the album In The Light Of Day.

Reflections Of Time is a musical moment and rumination about this physical unit which is so important for life and development. Bryant’s atmospheric thoughts in frames and bars. Selah, a meaningful word with a great sound and a huge mystery. Mike Burton on sax fills the song with love and soul. No wonder that his new album is entitled Soulful.

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