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Bernard Rose – Shorebreeze

Shorebreeze was inspired mostly by spending quite a bit of time in coastal South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Hawaii, and Jamaica and feeling the soft warm winds blowing on shore. “The Pier at Breezes,” was the real beginning of the inspiration for this CD as we spent a fabulous 5 days in Montego Bay celebrating our anniversary! The pier at the Breeze’s Resort Jetted out into the bay seemingly further than any of the other piers in the area. The water was absolutely gorgeous, sparkling, and crystal clear.

You could easily see to the bottom 16 or 17 feet where there was an incredible array of sea life living around and under the pier! The beautiful blue sky and mountains stretching West made the experience visually unforgettable! It really was like a spiritual experience looking at the handy work of this incredible island touching the Caribbean Sea!

Shorebreeze is now on sale at CDBaby.