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Tony Adamo – What is Hip?

Tony Adamo‘s sonorous voice has a Lou Rawls-like vibrato. A former radio announcer, now a singer and songwriter. Tower of Power member Mic Gillette introduced him to Stephen “Doc” Kupka, co-founder of Tower of Power and owner of Strokeland Records.

That was the start of a great friendship and a fertile collaboration. Over the next years they recorded Dance of Love (2002), Straight Up Deal (2007) and now What is Hip?.

The lineup consists of Tony Adamo (vocals), Mike Clark (drums), Bill Summers (percussion), Sandy Griffith (background vocals), Eddie Henderson (trumpet), Richie Goods (bass), Neil Larsen (organ), and Jerry Stucker (guitar). Eddie Henderson in the horn section and Doc Kupka (bari sax). Steve Gadd appears as guest musician.

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