Monika Herzig – Come with Me

Pianist Monika Herzig Invites You on a Journey with New CD/DVD Release Come with Me.

February 1, 2011 / Indianapolis, IN

Pianist Monika Herzig will present her second Owl Studios release entitled Come with Me in March 2011. The CD/DVD combo reflects a unique partnership between musicians, the Owl Studios label and award-winning documentary filmmaker Susanne Schwibs. The journey comes to life with a 30-minute documentary that includes a variety of visuals, concert footage, and interviews, as well as special features of live performances. In addition the package includes a full-length CD with originals as well as unique arrangements of standards.

“I have the mud of Germany on my shoes”, bassist/ guitarist Peter Kienle proclaimed at the Arts Center in Jasper, IN as he was getting ready to perform a concert with wife/ pianist Monika Herzig and Indiana poet laureate Norbert Krapf. The couple had just returned from a concert tour of Italy and Germany and Peter’s shoes were still caked with mud after he got lost during a walk in the woods.

Being that nearly everyone from Jasper, Indiana (a town rich in culture from the early days of German immigration) probably at some point had mud from Germany on their shoes, the audience was delighted with the invitation for a journey through poetry and music.

The mud of Germany was what inspired the title track for “Come with Me.” During November 2008, Herzig and Kienle were invited to Rome for the second time and subsequently visited their hometown in Germany for a few days. Kienle took an extended walk in the woods, and even though he grew up in the area found himself lost in the woods. His strategy to find his way back home was to follow the power lines even though the path took him through rough spots and muddy places. Unfortunately, his shoes were caked with mud, something he realized just as we were getting ready to start a performance with poet Norbert Krapf for the Jasper community. In response to revisiting the woods of Germany, Krapf wrote a poem that reflects the search for free expression and peace in the woods.

This story and many more paint the rich tapestry of the very special CD entitled Come with Me. A seamless mixture of familiar favorites and jazz-inspired originals, Herzig celebrates the romantic expanse of modern instrumental music. Gentle in spirit but generous in craftsmanship, Come with Me bridges the gap between entertainment and inspiration. We invite you to join Monika Herzig for this very special journey.


Song listing/Time/Composer

1. The Pianists Say / 7:43 / Monika Herzig

2. Come With Me / 4:00 / Monika Herzig

3. Ole / 5:18 / Monika Herzig

4. Blowing in the Wind / 5:02 / Bob Dylan

5. Italian Taxi Ride / 5:22 / Monika Herzig

6. What Is This Thing Called Love / 7:33 / Cole Porter

7. Heavy Burden / 8:05 / Monika Herzig

8. Still Crazy After All These Years / 6:06 / Paul Simon

9. Paradise on Ice / 5:23 / Monika Herzig

10. Georgia / 4:38 / Hoagy Carmichael

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