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Charles Glenn – The Bass King

The man has definitely paid his dues in the record industry. The former Motown recording artist was with the popular funk group “Ozone”, in the early eighties and currently is Little Richard’s Bassist.

Born and raised in Nashville, TN, Charles Glenn (aka King “C”) began his music career at age 16, playing in local top 40 bands. He polished and perfected his “bass playing skills and showmanship” so that he would later form his Motown group “Ozone”,where they recorded five albums and played behind many well known recording artists including Billy Preston who would later introduce him to Little Richard, and the rest is history.

The long journey for King “C” has not been easy by far. However, persistence, determination, dedication, and a positive attitude have given him the right to cherish the title, “King C,” that was given to him by his peers who respect him worldwide along with millions of fans.

King “C” is a well respected music veteran who launched his own production company, King C’s Music in 1995 and his Rancho Cucamonga, CA based label, Ka Ching Records Inc., in 1997. Charles is continuing his forward path. He has jockeyed himself and his organization into a solid position making an impact in the new millennium. After years of recording and producing others he has decided to put out his first Bass Solo album titled “The Bass King” that features a dedication to the late Billy Preston with his rendition of “You Are So Beautiful”. There isn’t an individual around who won’t like listening to the bass smacking, string poping sounds on this album.

We found The Bass King at CDBaby.