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André Ward – The Journey Part 1

Take a seasoned musician who can play the soprano, alto and tenor saxophone with skilled ease and passion and mix in varied elements of gospel, jazz, R & B and you have the next big thing to hit the jazz scene – André Ward. In the company of other accomplished artists that have set the precedence for smooth jazz, André Ward leaves off where Kenney G., Alex Bugnon and Najee have succeeded with Orpheus Music.

Ask anyone who has seen Andre perform live and they will attest to the raw energy and limitless ability of this musical talent. Known for his amazing live performances, Andre plays from his heart and truly expresses himself through the thing he loves most – his music. This is music you experience, not listen to.

This album appropriately titled The Journey Part 1 takes you on a ride re-introducing you to the music that first made André Ward a household name. Starting in 2003, 2004 and 2007 you can listen to his best of now at CDBaby.