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Tony Exum – Finally

If you’re into the smooth jazz or funk jazz genre, the name Tony Exum may be on your radar by now, but if not, allow me to put it there. Exum has just released a new album titled Finally which is available for download by track or in its entirety at

Comparisons to Grover Washington, Jr., George Howard, David Sanborn can’t be helped and show up in mentions of Exum everywhere you look online, but I’ll also add my own as well. If you like the heavier funky side of jazz, you know, not just the high soaring soft melodic sax overlays you get with alot of straight tenor-sax type jazz, think of more funkiness ala the Yellow Jackets, or maybe up-tempo Spyro Gyra songs like Heliopolis or Jubilee but with some monster bass and drums underneath. Or if you’re old enough, maybe think Tom Scott and the L.A. Express.

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