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Meg Anderson – Break of Dawn

Meg Anderson was born and raised in the Chicago area. She started playing keyboards and composing music at the age of five. She studied music at the American Conservatory of Music in Chicago and at Wheaton College in Wheaton, Illinois. She has been influenced by many styles including classical, jazz, fusion and rock.

Check out this new jazz/fusion artist’s first album with a fresh, relaxing style all her own at CDBaby.


IAN – Believe the Magic of IAN

This album speaks to the complexities of what the world has become while envisioning a future full of hope and promise. It is an eclectic mix of contemporary smooth jazz instrumentals with flashes of old school laced with a whole lot of (uniquely) new school stylings.

The IAN Group are musicians dedicated to strengthening communities through music, art and mentoring at risk youth. IAN is an acronym for Independent Artist Network, a 501 (c) 3 Non Profit Organization. Believe the magic of IAN is a fund raiser CD. All donations are tax deductible. Give this album a listen at CDBaby.

John E. Taylor – Full Circle

Some musicians are very restricted in giving any information about their person. What do we know about John E. Taylor? He is saxophonist and he loves Christian Jazz.  His debut album is called Full Circle and was released in 2008.

Now you have the chance to listen to his music at CDBaby.

Phillip Brooks – Ocean View

This album is the first since his 2008 release Just between us and is a great collection of songs old and new. This project is dedicated to the memory of my good friend the late great Wayman Tisdale and embodies some styling and genus of this musical superstar.You will play this CD over and over again as you just can’t get enough of Phil’s sweet melodies and rhythms.

All acoustically recorded with state of the art Mastering. Other Detroit featured musicians and vocalist on this project include Alan(Snoop)Evans on Bass, Jeff Allison on Solo Bass, Eric Brice on lead guitar, Steveon Bibes, Dave Buford and Larry Tucker on Drums, Yancyy on Sax, Melvin Wells on Tenor Sax, Catrina Brooks, Takara Bolton,Toni Dunbar, Jiana Hunter and Adam Ness on vocals.

Ocean View marks some of his best work to date. A smooth collection of memorable favorites mixed with some funky yet smooth original love songs and arrangements. You will love having this CD as a part of your collection and will play it over and over again.  We discovered this album under Contemporary Jazz at CDBaby.

The Rippingtons – Cote D’Azur

Fans that have followed Russ Freeman and The Rippingtons for any stretch of time over the past quarter century know the versatile award winning and Grammy® nominated guitarist/composer and producer has long had a penchant for naming songs and albums after exotic places (“Aruba,” “Kenya,” “Morocco,” Weekend in Monaco, Sahara, et al).

But The Ripps’ latest Peak Records recording Cote D’Azur–inspired by Freeman’s passion for the French people and the storied region of the French Riviera—is more than simply the latest stamp on Freeman’s well traveled passport. Beyond simple wanderlust or a gathering of “musical postcards” from the Southern region of France, it taps into a spirit that’s deeper and more transcendent than any other group project to date.

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Antonio Hodges – A Blue Christmas

As an independent music producer and musician, Jazz is a great influence in all of Antonio’s music. Playing piano from childhood, Antonio Hodges is a very seasoned musician, as you can tell from the lush orchestrations, or simple piano etudes. Playing by ear as well as being classically trained, Antonio pulls from all genres, regions, and styles of music. Antonio says’ “Music is a universal language. No matter who or where you are, music is understood. It’s just that simple.” After hearing his music, you can definitely hear the influences of many of the greats such as, Duke Ellington, Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, Bill Evans, and Quincy Jones. His is music is truly a gift, for all to experience.

A new, smooth feel to holiday music. Jazzy, urban, and classic all in one now at CDBaby.

Stephen Su – City Lights

City LightsBased in Los Angeles, Stephen Su is a contemporary and smooth jazz guitarist that has fused the styles of rock and jazz and incorporated rhythmic grooves to provide catchy melodies on his debut project, City Lights. This album offers a refreshing new sound that is inspirational and thought provoking to the listener.

In his long awaited debut project, City Lights is a compilation of pieces highlighting several styles from smooth jazz to contemporary jazz to jazz fusion all offering breathtaking melodies which have been inspired over the last decade. His technique and influences have been greatly shaped through his early years as a classically trained guitarist, as well as, having studied with renown musicians such as Hajime Kato, Ron Eschete, David Oakes and Beth Marlis at Musician’s Institute. His musical influences include Greg Howe, Norman Brown, George Benson, Larry Carlton, Pat Metheny, Joe Pass and Miles Davis.

Also featured on the project is Jim Goetsch on sax and keyboards with brief appearances on bass and drums. He began studies at North Texas State University where he played with classmates like Bob Belden, Lyle Mays, and Marc Johnson, later studying with jazz composer George Russell. After that came a tour with the blues legend Albert King. In recent years he moved into electronica as part of Demolition Squad and Biomechanique, and is now doing performances as Subversive Element. He considers his greatest learning experiences to have come from his long friendship with Joe Zawinul of Weather Report fame.

Give this album a listen at CDBaby.