Ric Cunningham – Adventures in the Modern Lounge

Adventures in the Modern Lounge is a romp through the musical genre, Lounge Music, which is really a musical background soundscape. Whether we are referring to music played in saloons/ speakeasies/ cocktail lounges, or easy listening music from the 50’s and 60’s(the alternate choice over Rock & Roll) or todays Lounge Music or ”Chill” which is a sonic brake from the hard driving dance music in the clubs, it’s all Lounge Music.

This is music to join you during your “quiet time” at the end of the day or to be the sounds at your next cocktail party.
Dig the Latin beats and percussion instruments that pulsate throughout. Float amongst the B3 organ, vibraphone or Fender Rhodes chordal progressions that lay the foundation of each ditty. And of course, feel the love in the sax melodies.

This is your soundtrack for the modern retro lifestyle. “Welcome, you’ve found the spot”.
Give it a try at CDBaby.

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