Craig Sharmat – Outside In

Although known for his cooperation with jazz saxophonist Ronnie Laws, singer Randy Crawford and trumpet player Rick Braun Craig Sharmat earned his merits mainly as composer of trailers for movies like King Kong, Ghost Rider, Eragon, Anchorman, and songs for the TV series like CSI Miami, Without A Trace and many more.

Last year he started his solo career as a guitarist with his album So Cal Drivin receiving rave reviews of many Internet critics. The single of this album was in the Billboard charts for seventeen weeks. With his new album Outside In Craig offers proof for the persistence of his innovative career.

Craig assembled on his new project prominent musicians like Rick Braun, Rayford Griffin, Gregg Karukas, Phillipe Saisse, Luis Conte, Greg Matheison, Dan Lutz, Nate Najar, Mark Hollingsworth and many more.

With the orchestral introduction of Bossa Newva Craig showcases his heritage as film composer, but his affinity for seductive melodies is stronger, just for this time. While the jazz guitar follows the melody line, the song is brilliant with a fine arrangement of horns and strings.

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