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Soren Reiff – Miss You

Danish musician Soren Reiff is a multi-talent. On the music side he is a natural born guitarist and worked as musical director for Chaka Khan and David Sanborn. He has appeared on several Danish television shows, such as Den Store Klassefest, Meyerheim & co and the Danish version of Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush. He is also the author of several instructional books and a book about the music industry.

His first solo project was Funky Flavas (2003) featuring Mike Stern. His sophomore album Miss You was released in October, 2010. The new album features David Garfield (keys), Will Lee and John Penna (bass), Steve Ferrone and Ricky Lawson (drums), Michito Sanchez (percussion) and Veronica Mortensen (vocals).

Soren introduces into his music with the sneaky Butterup Drive. A melodious groove with an intimate and highly detailed embellishment. This passionate love of details is also to find on Let’s Cruise. In the last part of the song Soren mesmerizes with an outstanding guitar solo. Also superb David Garfield’s affinity for classic keys like Rhodes and Wurlitzer.

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