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Sharnette Hyter was born in Dallas, Texas, at the first African American Hospital–Forest Hospital in South Dallas. She grew up in the Singing Hills, Oak Cliff neighborhood in Dallas. She started singing in elementary school at Robert L. Thornton Elementary, and was in her Jr. High School choir at Boude Storey Middle School. Her love for dance and entertainment also led her to the Mary Lois School of Dance in Dallas. She credits her family for always supporting her passions. She also credits her mother and father for her personality, and her aunts and uncles for giving her the best childhood full of fun and love. Sharnette is truly a country girl who lives a city life.

She graduated from Skyline High School in Dallas, where Horticulture was her cluster and Track was her sport. She stayed active in many activities as a youth. She credits one of her early mentors and God-mother, Mrs. Mary Luckey (community activist and long-time President of Southeast Dallas Business Professional Womens’ Club), for molding her into the businesswoman she is today.

Currently Sharnette co-host’s on KNON 89.3fm in Dallas’ Blue Monday Show with 9 year veteran Host DJ Shortstack, Queen of Texas Blues Lady Lotion and Bobblehead, the morning team, 9-12 noon on Sharnette is an entertainment industry veteran. She received her first DJ position at KAZI radio station in Austin, Texas, and credits current General Manager, Steve Savage, for giving her a chance in Radio. She says it was a joy to drive every week to Austin to work. She credits Austin for giving her a chance when Dallas was not ready for an African American female that sang House Music. Sharnette was mentored into television by Ester Davis, who inspired Sharnette’s career. Her first show was “Lady Sports Talk”. Sharnette then went on to produce her own television show, “Jus Shar Show,” where she interviewed up and coming artists. Sharnette got her first record deal in the mid 1990’s in the House Music Genre. She was on a European label, K4B Records, where she had many House Tune Hits. Her most popular song that charted The Top 10 Billboard Chart was “Hooked On Luv.” It is still being played in clubs in Europe today.
Sharnette also managed many clubs in the Dallas Metroplex area, and has promoted events across the U.S. Her most memorable moment was putting on an event at the 1999 Black Caucus for Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson of Texas. Sharnette is also known for her love for live entertainment, and has supported artists and D.J.’s for the last decade. She is known for her contribution to helping break some of the most well known hip hop artists in the South by showcasing them at her Club Diamonds–the Club that helped mold the Dallas hip hop scene. She is known as “The Queen of Underground Music”, and loves all Music. After leaving the Club business she went on to develop several other businesses in a variety of industries.

Sharnette started her own Independent Record Label and Entertainment Company, and says she has learned the hard way about the Music Industry. She has experienced, first hand, what happens when your music business isn’t in order. She expresses this concern by telling others about how she has songs still being played today, for which she doesn’t receive royalties. She stresses that all artists need an attorney and a manager.

Sharnette describes herself as a writer, who loves to sing. She recently published a book of poems titled Spiritual Love Poems: All About God’s Love. This book expresses her creative and spiritual side. She is scheduled to release her second book, Real Talk in November 2010. Sharnette has also recorded a Gospel CD, titled, “Keep The Faith”, released in July 2010 and a Jazz CD, titled, “Shar Jazz”, set to be released in December 2010.

Sharnette credits all her success to God. She says that He is her first love and gives her the strength to achieve all her goals. As quoted from her book, Real Talk, “I choose to live my life translucent so that I can enjoy all the colors of the rainbow”. Sharnette is a single parent and encourages young, single women to always pursue their dreams. She believes that “if you dream it, you can achieve it”. Failure is never an option. Life is Limitless.

Shar Jazz is available at CDBaby.

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