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Paula Prophet – From Me To You

If the future could have been predicted then twenty year singing veteran, Paula Prophet, was given the perfect name. She is truly a “prophet” by spreading the passion of music through her original lyrics and compositions along with a voice that has the power to awaken the spirit. From the first note of her clear, fervent sound it is easy to become a believer in this soulful messenger. Having performed in a wide variety of bands covering several musical genres, including r&b, doo-wap, rock, pop, jazz standards and contemporary/fusion, her vocal interpretations reflect a special blend of personal expression influenced by a broad range of professional experience. “I love writing and singing songs that inspire emotional growth or helping people to push though tough times,” commented Paula. Her debut CD, to be released in 2011, is a testament to her amazing talent as a published songwriter and lyricist.

A Chicago native, Paula was exposed to music at an early age through her mother who sang professionally for a brief time, her grandfather who sang in a barbershop quartet and a grandmother who joyfully taught her grandchild music in a one room school house in the chilly mid-west. “I used to sing myself to sleep as a child,” said Paula, “not realizing how it would be an integral part of my life.” Her only real formal music training was studying classical guitar for several years and the rest she learned from listening to a variety of singers from Motown to classic jazz standards. She attributes her alternate career path, as a licensed therapist for more than twenty years, to her ability to write songs that speak in depth about the stories of real human experiences. Because of her dedicated work in a healing profession Paula is not afraid to dig deep into the human psyche in an attempt to uncover the meaning of life. Although she was committed to focusing her time on raising her sons, her dream of a music career never left her and she managed to juggle musical performances whenever possible. In the past she was the vocalist with one of the most popular local groups in the San Diego area, Dr. Feelgood and the Interns of Love, even touring with the group throughout the US and internationally.

Her new recording is a blend of the music that inspired her and she is often compared to vocalists like Randy Crawford, Chaka Kahn, Sade and Sarah Vaughn. Says Paula, “I love the jazz standards because they express such pure and simple emotions beautifully, honestly and deeply and I love Motown because it touches my soul. They both carry the power of this human experience we all share.” Her sincere hope is to sing from her heart in a way that quiets the mind and awakens inner knowledge. She understands that, whether through instruments or the human voice, there are few things in this world that are more humbling and exhilarating than communicating to others through the magic of music. Listening to Paula Prophet there’s no doubt that her divine message and vocal beauty is a blessing to all.

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Cal Payne – The Cal Payne Project

Combine a splash of Grover Washington Jr. with a dab of Santana, add groove for “flava”. Remix … and serve while hot!

For Cal Payne, it truly is all about the music. Far beyond the cliché and deeper than a casual flirtation with melody and sound, Cal Payne is a player to his core. With a jazz/instrumental style that combines elements of R&B, latin, fusion jazz, and rock, his performance and presence invokes a combination of Grover Washington Jr. and Santana. Driven by an unceasing desire to compose and perform, he is most alive when engaged in the emotional and spiritual experience of making music. Music: this is the essence of the Cal Payne Project.

Among several qualities that distinguished him then, and continue to set him apart now, is a fascinating hybrid of technique and style due to his never having taken formal music lessons. The unique optimism and perception of music that is found in self-taught players marks his approach to music with an attention to what music can do and how many ways it can be approached. The result is a bold and unconventional improvisation style that goes for the guts and doesn’t hold back or play it safe, yet not at the cost of his connection with his audience. His performances are known to be accessible and evocative for the listeners while complex and challenging for those who seek to learn and perform with him.

This debut album presents the energy and vision of Payne’s fusion sound and certifies his credentials as a tireless, impeccable performer. The Cal Payne Project features a diverse group of musicians who have been playing with Payne since 2004, including his long-time musical partners Steve Crumpton on bass guitar and Michael Burke on acoustic and electric guitars, and with drums/percussion from Mark Manczuk and piano/keyboards from Jerome Korman. The strength of this exceptional creative team and Payne’s innovative composition and improvisation style made The Cal Payne Project a striking debut.

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