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Soren Reiff – Miss You

Danish guitarist Soren Reiff has been musical director for some popular music heavyweights — among them, Chaka Khan, David Sanborn, Robert Palmer and Randy Crawford. For Miss You (DaRoof Records, 2010), he is accompanied by a several stellar session players.

Reiff composed all nine songs; with “At the Café” co-written by Reiff with Niels HP. The variable lineup consists of David Garfield on piano and keyboard, Will Lee and John Pena on bass, Steve Ferrone and Ricky Lawson on drums, Michito Sanchez on percussion, and Veronica Mortensen on vocals.

“Let’s Cruise” is deceptive. The first two-thirds of the song seem safely conformist. An easygoing melody, combined with solid but uninspiring background play, makes for an ordinary tune. After a middle break that deviates little from the main theme, the melody briefly returns. Then, Reiff cuts loose. The background accompanists crank up the energy behind the guitar’s frantic ad-lib. This is one of Reiff’s finer moments.

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