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Jorge Vizcarrondo – Es Navidad

In a career covering the span of nearly two decades, Jorge Vizcarrondo has demonstrated that with courage, dedication and a strong sense of commitment all things can be accomplished. His love for music and determination drove him to produce his first instrumental record “ A Cristo” (To Christ) in 2003. Jorge’s iconic sound has been featured on countless recordings with artists such as: Julissa, Claudina Brinn, Tercer Cielo, Juan Carlos Alvarado, Nancy Amancio, Rene González, 33 DC, Danny Berrios, Luis Santiago, Marcos Witt, Alex Campo, Doris Machin and Samuel Hernández.

Jorge was born and raised in Humacao, Puerto Rico. His saxophone studies started at Escuela Libre de Música de Puerto Rico a specialized school for the performing arts. The teachers of the program were very impressed when already at 16 years old Jorge had a virtuosic command of his instrument which was often demonstrated by his accelerated learning pace and jazz ensemble arrangements. What started out as part of a basic music instruction program turned into Jorge’s gift and passion. After completing the school program Jorge’s autodidactical nature kept bearing fruits which could be seen in his technical and musical growth. Jorge incorporated into his arsenal the “circular breathing” technique which allows him to sustain a pitch beyond 15 minutes straight. Several years later he studied in the “Berklee in Puerto Rico” seminars, a summer program of Berklee School of Music and was awarded the “Outstanding Musicianship Award” on several ocassions.

In the year 2006 Jorge recorded his second solo album titled “Siempre Estas” ( You’re always there”). In this record Jorge showed case his compositional skils on pieces like “Fuerza”, “A Cristo”, “Joy spirit”, “Siempre Estas”, “Mighty” and “It broke my chains”. This record received awards at “Praise Music Award” and at “People Award” were it won in the category of “Best Instrumental Gospel Album”. 2006 was a very active year for Jorge. He performed a brilliant concert at St Armand’s Circle Jazz Festival in Florida where he imidietaly became a crowd’s favorite. On 2006 is when the band Proyecto EVIF is officially formed. Jorge shares the stage and his jazz fusion chops with Isaac Lausell, Samuel Morales and Freddie Burgos. With this band Jorge played the prestigious Festival Iberoamericano de las Artes ( Iberoamerican Arts Festival), and in a series of concerts & master classes through the main campuses of the University of Puerto Rico.
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