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Rivers Edge – The Sweet Life

How Smooth is too Smooth? That is the question. And what does it mean to be smooth? All Jazz by its very nature is smooth in one way or another. So when Tommy Lathan and Paul Gadbois began to compose for their debut CD, they had several philosophical discussions about what musical style they should create.

More than half way through the writing and recording of their first CD, their philosophical contemplation finally lead them to conclude that their sound was not going to be created by philosophy, but rather by pure creativity. They both felt that eventually, popular opinion and the passing of time would somehow create a label that defines the sound of Rivers Edge. Interestingly enough, some people are already referring to their sound as “Groove Jazz with an Edge”.

Pre-Production for their debut CD began in early February 2010 which took place at Alley Rat Studios – Chicago. Recording, mixing and mastering took place at Muse Lair Studios – Round Lake Illinois. After seven months of production, Rivers Edge completed The Sweet Life now released at CDBaby.