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Brown Baby Girl – Brown Baby Girl

150Jamie Finegan and Lorenda Robinson make beautiful music together! When this duo wrote their first song together, “Ignorant Bliss,” the foundation was laid for Brown Baby Girl . Brown Baby Girl’s sound is a cool mixture of nu-jazz, jazz, R&B, soul and pure bliss! The collaboration of Jamie and Lorenda go together like hand in glove. Lorenda’s smooth and seductive vocals are easy to listen to and even easier to fall in love with. Combine that talent with Jamie’s composing, arranging, trumpet and piano work and you have true inspiration.

Jamie’s credits list like a who’s who of music. He is the son of legendary composer/arranger Bill Finegan. Jamie has recorded, toured and performed with some great jazz and blues mega stars such as Ella Fitzgerald, Dizzy Gillespie and Clarence “Gateway” Brown. Lorenda is a charismatic performer and has collaborated with some up and coming talent from rap, jazz and alternative genres such as DJ Spinna and Jigmastas, TK and the Almighty Buck and the Clark Eno Orchestra.

Brown Baby Girl plays to packed houses at numerous venues in New York City, Philadelphia and Hartford.This CD is brimming with over one full hour of music you won’t soon forget. From Lorenda’s sultry vocals on “Devotion” to her lighter than air vocals drifting effortlessly on “Cosmic Thrill” to the one that started it all, “Ignorant Bliss” which highlights beautifully her smooth as butter voice and effectively transports you to an intimate, dimly lit lounge. Lorenda wrote all the lyrics and Jamie accompanies her perfectly on piano, keyboards, trumpet and flugelhorn.

The rest of the band is cohesive throughout, like a well-oiled machine, giving the listener a true jazz experience. Brown Baby Girl’s website proudly tells us “her sound is the sound for the forgotten and neglected music lover” and that “it reminds R&B of it’s roots and re-introduces the concept that in jazz there are no rules.” Amen to that!

This CD is sure to soothe the soul, so kick your shoes off, pour yourself a glass of wine and groove to Brown Baby Girl…. over and over again.