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Doug Markley – 90°

Hailing from Philadelphia Doug Markley has performed since more than 28 years throughout the Unites States. Diverse in styles in his core he is a true jazz guitarist.

Doug can look back on an amazing gallery of releases. The Markley Band was the first album in 1980, followed by On The Mark (1982), The Sounds That Move Air (1987), Philly Fillet (1987), Sunset Dance (1995), On the Half Shell (1999), Believe (2001), Not So Blue (2002), Lift (2003), Connected (2005), Unwind (2006), Chrome Play (2008), and this year 90°.

Doug describes his newest effort as melodic smooth jazz guitar with a unique Latin funk feel. He has written and performed all tunes, which is today’s an act of normality.

Although the title Crashing Waves let us assume something of unruly nature, the tune has a friendly charisma of lovely seas. Acoustic guitar in the lead in relaxing atmosphere.

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