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Will Donato – What It Takes

Will Donato has released his newest of four critically acclaimed CD’s. This hot new CD contains the top Billboard hit “Funkability” produced by Darren Rahn. The CD contains some of Will’s best melodies to date featuring an All-Star cast including Steve Oliver, Darren Rahn, Eddie Reddick, Blake Aaron! Order directly from Will’s Web site with his very streamlined online sales site:

This CD has been deemed as one of Will’s most compelling CD releases to date. Will’s current hit radio single “Funkability” is now in the top 20 in all the major charting and radio program listings.  According to Shannon West the back story here is that the entire project was recorded while Donato was undergoing treatment for the cancer he was diagnosed with on the day he delivered the sax tracks for “Funkability” to Darren Rahn. Maybe facing down your own mortality does push you to cut to the chase because this music is uncompromised, the musicians are playing their hearts out.

John Evans & Dream – Postcard from the Moon

Studio Records has announced that September 21, 2010, is to be the release date for the next John Evans & Dream album. Postcard from the Moon is an eclectic mix of Evans’ instrumental compositions and songs, with lyrics written by Sandy Evans. From jazz/fusion through tropical to the classic jazz ballad, this album shows Evans and his group, Dream, in a glowing new light.

The latest addition the group is Andy Timmons, whose fiery and expressive guitar playing is well known throughout the world. ‘Postcard’ also features vocals by Jennifer Perryman, Annagrey Labasse, and Rosana Eckert.

Personnel: John Evans (keyboards, bass), Ron Jones (tenor saxophone), Larry Spencer (trumpet, flugelhorn), Andy Timmons (electric guitar), Jennifer Perryman (vocals), Annagrey Labasse (vocals), Rosana Eckert (vocals), Brady Mosher (electric & acoustic guitars), Johnny Hooper (acoustic guitar), Chuck Rainey (Fender bass), Gene Glover (conga drums, percussion), Mike Collier (drums).

Postcard from the Moon will be available on CD from Studio Records LLC, iTunes,, & CD Baby.

Thierry Kauffmann – Summertime

In the summer of 2009, I had the privilege of meeting Nashville producer extraordinaire, Judy Whiting, From the little village of France where I resided during the warm season, I mailed her a mix tape. I had been trying to break in into the music world for years, to no avail. This tape was my bottle to the sea. When Judy accepted to produce what would become my debut CD, I felt that the twenty years of working in the dark and against all odds, were coming to an end.

During Christmas 2009, Judy Whting, battling a deteriorating health, recorded my album in Nashville, with John Heinrich on saxophone, Butch Davis on guitars, and Billy Anderson on drums and keyboards. During that intense period, we became friends, and started making plans for more albums to come.

Three months later, Judy, unable to withstand the surgery that I had helped her pay by creating a cause for her on facebook, passed. While sending my music to disc-makers to design the cover and press, I decided to write about the two hundred days that changed my life. The memoir that I’m now close to finishing, is entitled True Rose of Nashville, and will be published hopefully this year.

Four years ago, I was diagnosed with Parkinson. When the news came, I thought my life was over. Since then, I’ve been fighting back, switching from piano playing to sax composition, as I could no longer play professionally. Judy Whiting gave me a second chance, to be up there with the best. Summertime is dedicated to her memory.

This album with an impressive background story is now available at CDBaby.

Marcus Johnson – This Is How I Rock

After the success of the Billboard charting Poetically Justified, Marcus Johnson, released his latest CD This Is How I Rock on July 27, 2010. The album boldly delves into the pop/rock genre with a jazz spin as Johnson captures some of the industry’s most notable songs that influenced him earlier in his career. This CD exemplifies Johnson’s versatility and brilliant interpretive skills and will engage listeners with his signature jazz funk sound.

Marcus describes four of the standout songs on this album on his website.  The album is available in all online stores.

Eric Roberts – My Brazilian Heart

Eric Roberts is a prolific guitarist with an impressive career as sideman. He has been backing up famous entertainers such as Chuck Berry, The Fifth Dimension, The Drifters, Bob Hope, Joan Rivers, Anthony Newley, Maureen McGovern, and the Smothers Brothers. He also performed in several Broadway shows.

On his albums he is addicted to Brazilian music. Known by this artist are In A Silent Place (2001) and My Brazilian Heart (2009). He is accompanied on this sophomore project by Paul Avgerinos (bass), Nick Bariluk (keyboards), Bill Harris (woodwind), and Barbara Merjan (drums, percussion).

On the lovely ballade Brazilian Morning Eric reveals his passion for natural beauty and smooth melodies. Mellow piano tones, Bill’s flute and Eric’s acoustic guitar are the right set to complete this mission.

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