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Kristine W – Straight Up with a Twist

If you can imagine the voices of Sarah Vaughan, Lisa Stansfield and Swing Out Sister’s Corinne Drewery as one, you’ll have an idea of what Kristine W sounds like. “Straight Up with a Twist” (Fly Again Music, 2010) is the dance music diva’s first jazz album.

Calling it that may be misleading. The 30-track, two-disc set shows two sides of Weitz. Disc 1 represents her jazz influence, and Disc 2 is more of a techno/dance vibe. Also, most of the songs are covers of rock, pop or R&B hits – several of them appearing in both jazz and dance modes.

The band consists of Ed Roth on keyboards and arrangements, Myron Dove on bass, Jason Hahn on percussion, Ricky “Z” Zaharaides on guitar, Lance Lee on drums, Tommy Cameron on guitar and Eric Tewalt on saxophone and flute.

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