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David Becker Tribune – Batavia

Most artists put a lot of themselves into their work. Batavia (Acoustic Music Records, 2010), by the David Becker Tribune, is more deeply personal for the leader. The 13-song album chronicles the experiences of his mother’s family, Dutch nationals who endured captivity in Indonesia and Holland during World War II.

For most of the recording, Becker is accompanied by brother Bruce Becker on drums, and Bolle Diekmann on bass. An assortment of guests appears on selected tracks.

The title song’s haunting mood captivates from the opening phrases. Becker plays electric and acoustic guitars. Russell Ferrante of the Yellowjackets is on acoustic piano, and Aniela Perry sits in on cello. Bass and drums are effective with their subtle, yet engaging, touches. Inspired by the Dutch name given to the capital of Indonesia, “Batavia” was the first port of entry for his grandparents when they visited the nation. Becker’s lead is terrific, but the ensemble as a whole gives this an almost orchestral feel.

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