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Rob Keiter – The Glory of Love

As Rob Keiter stood at the microphone to record his vocals for “This Nearly Was Mine,” the opening track of his The Glory of Love album, a torrential flood of tears burst forth unexpectedly. Although he could not contain his raw emotions while singing the heartfelt words about love lost, he sang anyway. What was captured on the recording was something special and it established the tone for the entire collection of classic love songs in jazz settings, which will be released by Sketchin Records on October 26th.

“When I finished singing, I went into the control room to try to explain what happened. Everyone was silent. They felt it. The song (“This Nearly Was Mine”) was recorded in one take. We agreed not to record it again, that what we got was genuine and could not be duplicated,” revealed Keiter.

When Keiter began the recording sessions with producers Amber and Rob Whitlock for The Glory of Love, he was in the midst of a dark period following the breakup of a twenty-three year marriage. Singing the songs that comprise the collection enabled him to grieve as well as to find new hope. “Even though I had lost love, I wanted to sing love songs because I still believe in love. Having sung my entire life, I would say that I truly found my voice as a result of that experience (in the studio),” he explained.

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