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Les Sabler – Crescent Shores

Hailing from Montreal, Canada guitarist Les Sabler has constantly build his reputation as top musician with his albums Hidden Treasure (1990), Time For Love (1994), Bridge The Gap (2003) and Sweet Drive (2007). The new album Crescent Shores (2010) is a logical continuation of his artistic work.

In 1991 Les Sabler and his group often opened shows for Richard Elliot. That led to the opportunity to record some tracks in Richard’s studio. Some of these tracks were published on his second album Time For Love but according to the liner notes of his new album most of the tapes were stored.

Recently Les Sabler went into the studio again and completed with the support of keyboardist Allon Sams his studio work from 1991. The new album contains some tracks of the old recording and several new compositions.

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