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Ashraf Jangda – Where I Belong

Ashraf Jangda the eldest of four children, was born during the summer of 1975 on the 11th of August in south Miami, FL. Growing up Ashraf Jangda first showed an interest in playing guitar at age 7. He started out playing by ear, learning blues and rock from recordings. By age 14 he was an accomplished rock player playing in local Miami bands.

Ash Jangda graduated from the Florida International Univ. School of Music with a B.A. in Music Performance(emphasis in Jazz). studying with Lindsey Blair and Vincent Bredice Ash learned to play jazz and fusion. Ash Jangda established himself in the South florida music scene and has performed with various artists numerous venues all over the U.S.

Ash Jangda delivers with Where I Belong an eclectic and inspirational fusion of jazz, blues and soul with hints of world music at CDBaby.