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Rodney Taylor – Can I Blow For You?

Can I Blow For You? This is the question asked by Saxophonist Rodney Taylor. However, after hearing this CD you’ll know that it is only the humility of this accomplished virtuoso that keeps him from making the statement: Can I Blow For You!

From the moment you insert this disk in your player, the journey begins. Rodney starts by dropping you in the middle of a “Midnite Wind” storm. No need to fret, the wind is even put at ease by what comes next . Seconds later you find yourself grooving to a funky drumbeat, followed by a comforting melody played by Rodney.

After grooving your way all night long through this tune, you instantly find yourself in a picturesque marina at dawn; hearing the ocean waves and seagulls overhead. The scenery continues to develop as the maestro begins to serenade you, borrowing a classic melodious masterpiece from Christopher Cross, entitled “Sailing”.

Next, you hear the radio change stations, and Rodney shows you his “Passion” for his art form. And the journey continues. Your day progresses and Rodney puts more sax, “In Ya Ear Drum”. You ask him why? His reply is simple. He just says sometimes, “I Feel Like Blowin”.

Again he alludes to the question, “Can I Blow For You”? After all, he says, “It’s My Prerogative”. You find yourself nodding your head in acceptance to the proposition. By this time the music is sounding so good, you feel as if you’re spending “Another Day In Paradise”. The “Sweet Seduction” of that sexy saxophone continues to heighten all your senses. The taste of the worlds finest “Chocolate” fills your mouth as the music continues to stroke you from deep within.

Once again, this musical genius speaks: “I Feel Like Blowin”, this time with even more intensity. As the darkness of night begins to overwhelm the day, you suddenly hear its creatures. Crickets, and various other “Knock Turnal” beings can be heard making their presence known. However, as Rodney blows his sax, even the things that go bump in the night are made to groove to the funky sax. And after all that you heard and experienced, you need to hear more; so you start the CD over again; and the journey continues…at CDBaby.