Eric Evans – Waves Of Grace

Influenced by flautists Paul Horn, Herbie Mann and Rahsaan Roland Kirk Eric Evans chose the flute as his lead instrument. Eric has been a featured performer at a wide array of concerts, venues and churches in Southern California, Northern California, New Mexico and Arizona.

After Eyes Of Love and Compass Waves Of Grace is Eric’s third installment. Musicians on the new album are Eric Evans (flute, alto flute, EWI), David Eugene Ivey (vocals, acoustic guitar, keyboards), Cecil Ramirez (keyboards), Brent Bourgeois (keyboards, vocals), Steve Laury (electric guitar), Lance Taber electric guitar, acoustic Guitar), Curtis Harvey electric guitar), Michael Roe (electric guitar), Ralph Stover ( drum programming, bass), Eddie Ramirez (bass), Matt Sawhill (bass), and Bruce Spencer (drums).

Three years in the making against all odds Eric fulfilled his dream. He looks now Seaside enjoying the fresh breeze. Impressing with the beautiful sound of his flute is his mission.

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