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Marcus Williams – Secrets

The horn the music the sound of Marcus Williams, experience a new style of smooth jazz and funk fusion on Marcus’ new album, Secrets. Listeners get silky soulful vocals fused with his sensual muted trumpet. Add to this mix, his signature jazz, R&B flavor and the result is a CD likely to please any smooth jazz fan.

The multi talented composed, performed and arranged the who CD, recording we done in his private studio in Bali Indonesia and the brilliant CD cover was created by none other than Ika at Ikaart & designs. The featured song “Sit Beside U” Has become an hit with smooth jazz fans garnering more smooth jazz radio play! Touch me is also a major favorite with the jazz audiences and has been feature on several smooth jazz stations.

Marcus is a one of a kind artist, he has the ability to find just the right production that fits for his style and can create this from top to bottom alone! He knows what he wants and he does his thing and makes it come to life. He is truly an amazing artist! If you are a jazz lover and you are looking for a fresh sound then this CD is for you. Now available at the M-Tunes store as a CD or CD Download.

For more information visit the artist’s website.